Xiaomi Talkback, An Easy Way To Turn It Off

Talkback Xiaomi , Easy Way To Turn It Off. Talkback is a feature in android phones that helps you to read all the writing on the screen. For some people this feature is very useful because it helps those who have eye problems so they can’t read writing clearly.
Often, how to turn off Xiaomi Talkback is needed by those of you who are facing problems on Xiaomi phones that speak for themselves.

When Talkback is active, it frustrates users because it seems like it can’t be operated.

The phone just says it without being able to do anything. Then how to solve it and how to turn off Talkback Xiaomi

Turn off Talkback When On (Phone Talks Alone)

It takes a patient way to handle a Xiaomi phone that speaks for itself.

Talkback is active, the characteristics of the cellphone can not be pressed, even the sound is not clear.
How to fix it:

  • Unlock the screen by swiping it with 2 fingers up
  • If there is a screen lock, in the form of a pin/password, tap 2x to enter it one by one. If the screen lock is patterned, it’s easy to insert it slowly enough
  • Next when you have entered the main screen, look for settings (Settings) by swiping the screen left or right with 2 fingers
  • Tap 1x on Settings
  • Double tap on Settings
  • Swipe the screen with 2 fingers up
  • Tap 1x on Additional Settings, wait for reading. After that, tap 2x Bonus Settings (tap 1 time for Talkback to read, then only 2 times for the next)
  • Choose Accessibility
  • Double click on Accessibility to turn off Xiaomi Talkback via Toggle
  • Tap OK 1x, then tap 2x
  • Next Talkback will be deactivated
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After that your Xiaomi phone will not talk to itself anymore. The beat will return to normal without having to do it twice. The guide is how to turn off Xiaomi Talkback with MIUI 10 face and below (quite old school models that still have off-screen Navigation buttons).
For MIUI 11 and above, the trick is:

  • When Talkback is active, first unlock the screen by swiping using 2 fingers and up
  • Enter the password (tap 2x on the number), and create the pin directly slowly
  • If the phone does not have a lock password, it will go directly to the main screen
  • If you are not on the main screen, but it contains Talkback information, tap 1x on Close. After that double tap on Close. Run until the Talkback data screen is closed and leads to the main screen
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds
  • Talkback will be deactivated

Generally when Talkback is active, you will find this phone appears a green box with a female voice. The green box shows that the area is currently being read by Talkback. The female voice is Google’s voice, this voice is often not very clear.
Because Talkback is designed in English. Instead the language on your phone is Indonesian. So this Talkback will read various kinds of writing on the screen in English even though the writing is in Indonesian. This is what causes the voice blur that appears when Talkback is active.

How To Turn Off Xiaomi Talkback With A Mix Of Buttons

You can use a mixture of power and volume buttons to turn off Talkback on Xiaomi phones (also on other Android brands).

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However, this combination of buttons can also activate Talkback,

so users who are confused when the phone is talking to itself after restarting the phone are certainly not planning to press the button.
To turn it off, the steps are:

  • While the Talkback voice is still talking, press the Volume Down and Up buttons at the same time to stop Talkback talking
  • After that, press and hold the power button, until the Restart and Power Off options appear
  • Double tap on Power Off
  • The phone will be turned off
  • After the phone turns off, press the Volume Up, Down, and Power buttons for 3 seconds
  • Then turn on the phone as usual using the Power button
  • The phone will return to the main screen with Talkback no longer appearing

Such are some ways to turn off Xiaomi Talkback by patiently tapping the 2x option and sliding 2 fingers. Accompanied by how to turn it off with a button. When the Talkback is no longer talking, you can select the menu by tapping 2x to turn off Talkback. Make sure you don’t press the mix button again when you turn your phone back on so Talkback doesn’t turn on again.


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