TikTok Soon To Test “TikTok Stories” Feature To Rival Instagram

 TikTok Soon To Test “TikTok Stories” Feature To Rival Instagram

The famous short video sharing social media, TikTok, began testing a feature to share videos that were to be deleted after 24 hours.

This feature is named “TikTok Stories”, this feature allows creators to create short videos that they want to delete automatically after 24 hours.

This kind of Stories feature is certainly not a new matter and has been quite often heard by social media users such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

And almost all social media uses the same working method for this feature, is to be erased automatically after 24 hours.

The feature was first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra, who he posted on Twitter afterwards.

Not long ago, TikTok later confirmed to The Verge that they are again testing this feature and it can now be used by a select few users.

TikTok Stories works with the same methods as Stories on other platforms. It can be used by swiping to the right on the TikTok home park.

Users can provide short content with a bonus of tiktok’s typical interactive elements.

Some elements that can be added to TikTok Stories include captions, readings, and music that want to make Stories more interactive and fun.

And of course, TikTok Stories is about to disappear after a day of being posted. Or if you want, users can delete it manually before 24 hours.

Followers can go to TikTok users’ profiles and view stories they create by tapping their profile picture. We can also share responses and opinions before 24 hours.

For those of you who do not know, Stories is a very famous feature on social media. It was introduced by Snapchat in 2013.

Since then, other social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter have also improved the Stories feature on their platforms. A few days later, Twitter removed the feature after nine months of its introduction.

Until now, TikTok Stories can only be used by a select few users only and is still in the trial session.

There is no formal data from TikTok when this feature can be used by all users.

This feature seems to be one of TikTok’s methods to make its users feel at home located on their platform. Most importantly after Instagram and Facebook also launched a short video sharing feature like TikTok.

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