How to lock a laptop keyboard

How to lock a laptop keyboard is smooth to do with extra packages or with out the use of packages. Here is the total review.

There are numerous approaches to lock a pc keyboard.

This aims to save you urgent essential buttons which could

really delete essential documents at the pc.

It also can be while we watch Netflix on a pc ,

to keep away from the keyboard from being depressed and traumatic,

us while we’re

looking interesting movies.

If this happened, it might be very troublesome, would not it?

To keep away from those troubles it might

be higher if the keyboard is quickly locked.


You can use numerous techniques underneath.

Some are with out the use of third-birthday birthday celebration packages,

a afew are the use of packages.

If you aren’t so acquainted with it,

you ought to pay near attention to those 3 approaches, OK!

Then strive to exercise it to your

respective laptops.

  1. Using the Windows Shortcut+L
  2. Using the KeyFreeze App
  3. Using the Kid Key Lock Application

Press Key With Windows Logo + L On Laptop Keyboard

A easy manner to lock the keyboard while now no longer in use is to press the Windows key and the L key on the equal time.

This is a technique with out the use of an utility.

If you operate this technique, your pc will mechanically move into sleep mode or sleep.

That manner, the keyboard would not paintings either.

If each person wants to use it, of path a password or password is needed.

If you do not input the password,

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the pc might not paintings.

If you want to lock or extrade your pc password, please examine

How to Change Password on a Windows 10 Laptop .

Therefore, this easy technique is pretty smooth to do.

But the downside is, of path you want time to flip it on once more in case you want to use it right away.

For the record, locking the keyboard with out this utility calls for a barely complex password.

So that it isn’t without difficulty guessed and damaged into via way of means of others.

The technique underneath is the final choice wherein the 2 techniques above can’t be applied.

Use Keyfreeze Application To Lock Keyboard on Laptop

How to disable the subsequent pc keyboard isn’t the same as the manner we’ve got stated above.

You want assist from a further utility known as the keyfreeze utility.

This pc keyboard lock utility has the benefit that it would not have to have big RAM at the pc.

Therefore, this utility may be without difficulty used for laptops which have low specifications.

This keyfreeze utility may be set up on all Windows variations of laptops, beginning from Windows XP, 7, nine and Windows 10.

You can strive a easy manner or academic the use of this utility at once according to the instructions below.

  1. Open the browser and search for the keyfreeze app
  2. Download and install the application directly
  3. Open the utility after you have successfully paired it on the computer
  4. Then press the Lock Keyboard and Mouse menu withinside the application
  5. Your computer’s mouse and keyboard are automatically locked and cannot be accessed anymore
  6. After that, to be able to open and reactivate the keyboard mouse this is locked withinside the utility, sincerely press the mixture key at the keyboard, specifically CTRL + ALT + DEL
  7. The final manner is via way of means of urgent the Esc key.
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Check your laptop’s original or fake Windows 10 to be calmer.

Use the Kid Key Lock Application

This subsequent keyboard lock utility isn’t a good deal exclusive from the preceding utility.

You can use the utility with the child key lock.

But the simple distinction among this utility and the others

is that you may freely select which keyboard keys to lock.

For example, you want to lock the input key and the spacebar only.

So after locking it, you may now no longer get entry to the 2 buttons.

However, different buttons can nonetheless be used.

To facilitate get entry to from the kid key lock utility , comply with those steps:

  • Open the browser and search for the Kid Key Lock app
  • Download and deployation the utility
  • Once set up at the pc, right away open the utility
  • You can select numerous varieties of buttons to lock,
  • we advise deciding on vehiclemobile lock only.
  • Before using this application, make sure you examine the commands for the use of the utility

How to lock a pc keyboard is tremendously recommended to

keep away from breaking into important information on your pc.

Do a number of the smooth approaches that we’ve got referred to above.

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