How to Handle Games Not Responding

 How to Handle Games Not Responding

How to Handle Games Not Responding

Did you just buy a game, download it after it was installed on your pc?

If it is a game that you have wanted to play from the past, surely you are not steadfast to play it.

But what happens if the game can’t run on your pc? Hang, Freeze, and Not responding.

Games that can not run on a pc is indeed a common thing, because each game requires different minimum specifications.

Unlike the console games that have certainly been able to run on the target console.

So really, what’s entwined? Why can’t a game run on your pc? Why is there a not responding message?

Some of the methods below may be able to overcome it.

1. Restart Your Computer

Yes, this does sound trivial and very easy to try. But restarting your features after that turning it on again is often successful to overcome some types of errors.

Most importantly if the error is entwined is a mild error such as features that lose memory, or the like. This method can be tried whether you use a pc or mobile phone.

If this method is not successful to overcome it and there is always a message ” game not responding”, minimun you have tried the easiest method.

Next, please refer to the other methods below.

2. Make Sure Your Computer Meets Minimum Specifications

For those of you who do not know, games for computers generally have minimum specifications so that they can run easily.

Unlike the console games that can certainly run on the console because it has been optimized to be played on one type of console.

Computer or pc is a feature that can be assembled with different specifications, therefore not all computers can carry out the entire game.

Similarly, not the entire game can run on all computers, most notably the latest output games.

To recognize whether your pc can perform a particular game or not, you can read it on the formal web of the game developer.

Generally there will be data overwrite the minimun processor, graphics card to the amount of RAM needed to carry out the game.

Please upgrade your computer first.

3. Disable Antivirus and Other Similar Applications

Sometimes antivirus apps want to worry about which apps are at risk and which ones aren’t. This is often entwined in the game, which impacts the game can not be run because it is blocked by antivirus.

If on your computer you feel antivirus programs such as AVG, Bitdefender, Avast and the like, try disabling them to recognize if they are the cause.

4. Run the Game in Fashion Admin

This method is very easy to try, right-click on the game icon you want to run and then click “Run as administrator”.

Until the game is about to be launched in fashion administrators.

5. Ask the Forum

Sometimes there are some game titles that require special and special enforcement. Therefore, it may take different steps to overcome this problem than other games.

But don’t give up. You can join the dialogue forum that skips the game. Generally there is a special dialogue forum for a game.

You can create it on Reddit, Kaskus, Facebook, or the game’s formal developer forum. Googling and finding out.

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