How to Disable AutoCorrect on iPhone and iPad Keyboard

 How to Disable AutoCorrect on iPhone and iPad Keyboard

How to Disable AutoCorrect on iPhone and iPad Keyboard

Both Android and iOS are equipped with an autocorrect feature in their respective default keyboard applications .

This will greatly facilitate us in doing the typing. Especially when you want to type with a large number of words.

Not to mention, for those of you who often reply to messages, of course this feature will be very useful.

However, there are some people who don’t like the autocorrect feature and want to disable it from their iPhone.

Why Disable the AutoCorrect Feature?

As we all know that typing on the iPhone or iPad screen is different from typing using a physical keyboard .

It’s much more comfortable to type using a real keyboard because we can actually feel every key we press. This allows us to type quickly and with minimal typos.

On the other hand, typing on a touchscreen is not as comfortable as typing on a real keyboard .

That’s because we can’t really feel every button we press on the touchscreen. As a result, we will be more often make typos.

Therefore, the virtual keyboard on the iPhone and iPad is equipped with an auto-correction feature. Its purpose is to help us in typing and minimize typos.

So, when you type something on your iPhone but there is a typo, this feature will automatically replace the word with the closest possible word.

However, for TribunNEW friends who are not used to typing with the auto-correction feature, they might be a little disturbed by this feature.

Especially if you often type with slang words and abbreviations. The auto-correction feature will distract you from typing.

But don’t worry, because actually this feature can be disabled. Follow the method in the tutorial below.

How to Disable AutoCorrect on iPhone and iPad Keyboard

As usual, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad first. Then select General.

After entering the General menu, scroll down a bit and you will find the Keyboard option . Tap the option.

Then just disable the AutoCorrect feature by sliding the slider to the left.

After following the steps above to the end, now try to use your iPhone or iPad keyboard to type as usual.

Then the keyboard will no longer use the auto-correct or auto-correct feature .

Which means, if there is a typo or a typo, you have to correct it manually. And you have to be really careful in typing when this feature is not activated

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