How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox – Every browser we use will automatically store caches and cookies.

Both serve to speed up the loading of a site if we visit it again at a later time.

For example, I currently visit site, then the browser I use will store

the cache and cookies of that site locally.

The next day, I revisited the site, this time the site loading process will run much faster than yesterday because

the browser already stores cache and cookies.

But you also occasionally need to delete cookies stored in the browser for reasons of reducing hard disk storage and also privacy.

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, then you can follow the tutorial below.


Reasons Why Cookies Need to Be Deleted

Cookies store some of the information you enter into sites you’ve visited, including search keywords, usernames, and passwords.

Therefore, kmau must have experienced where when you want to find something in the search field of the site there will be a search history from other sites.

That’s because the site can read  cookies stored in Firefox.

Not only that, other websites can also read all the data stored in Firefox cookies.

So, for example, you have been looking for an item in the marketplace, then you will see ads that are relevant to the goods you are looking for.

Well, to avoid the above, sometimes you routinely delete cookies stored in the browser that you tribunnew use, in this case Firefox.


How to Delete Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

To get started, open your Firefox first.

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Then click the Burger > Settings button.

Then click the Privacy and Security menu.

This menu can be accessed on the left side of Mozilla Firefox.


Then you will see the Cookies and Site Data section. Here you can see the number of cookies, site data and cache stored, incidentally in firefox I have 1.3GB stored.

Click the Clear Data button… to delete cookies stored in Firefox.


TribunNEW will see a pop up containing information and what options you want to delete. Leave it default, and then click the Clear button.

Until here, all cookies stored in your

Firefox have been successfully deleted,also has a feature to

automatically data whenever this browser is closed.

You can enable it by clicking on Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed.

Finished. This feature is perfect for those of you who want to keep cookies in your browser clean but don’t want to delete them manually every day.

Every time you finish browsing using Firefox and you close this browser,

the cookies that have been collected will automatically be deleted.

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