Free Football Live Streaming Site

For football fans, missing a favorite team’s game is a disappointment. Indeed, not all matches from each team are broadcast on television, whether paid or not. Usually broadcast rights are given to the team that has a larger fan base.

Well, if you are a fan of the football team but rarely see your favorite team competing on TV, you don’t need to worry now, because you can watch them through the live streaming site for free football updates 2021.

CricFree– Free Football Live Streaming Site

Situs Live Streaming Bola Gratis Update 2021

Site recommendations2The first free ball that you can access is the CricFree site. We recommend this site first because it does offer featuresstreamingwhich is quite complete from European-class teams, and of course free!

If you access the SiteCricFreeIn this case, you can not only watch football matches in the English League, Champions League, LaLiga, Serie A or Bundesliga, you can also watch other sports matches such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, and so on.

Site2is this ball paid? Of course not, my friend can watch various football matches of your favorite team without the need for a subscription, aka you can watch them for free.

A few tips from us, if you can’t log in or are constrained by a slow network when you want to access it, you can use a VPN!

Please visit the site via PC or mobile at and find the matches of your favorite soccer team!

Advantages of the CricFree Site

  • Users can access it for free
  • The most complete football match from various Leagues
  • Offering other sports matches
  • Simple view
  • Accessible in multiple browsers

Disadvantages of CricFree Site

  • Lots of annoying ads
  • Less safe
  • Requires VPN


Situs Live Streaming Bola Gratis Update 2021

If you are looking for a site2free ball this year, so we would recommend the TotalSportek site. Well, you can easily access these other site recommendations for watching your favorite football team!

Buddy looking for the sitestreamingcomplete ball? Maybe this site can be added to the list of alternative sites if you want to watch European team football matches, and the Euro cup. SiteTotalSportekwith this address ( you can present live matches with HD video support, you know!

Friend of the Serie A league? AC Milan fans? Or Juventus? Relax, on this site you can watch Serie A league matches, you know!

Not only Serie A, you can alsostreamingmatches of the Premier League. If you are upset if your favorite team loses, you can watch other football matches such as basketball, rugby, and baseball, football, and others for free on this site.

But to enter the web or site23updatesIn this TotalSportek, you have to use a VPN or Proxy application. Why? Because this site is a sitestreamingball is illegal, so you can’t just enter it using a normal browser. So don’t forget to set up a VPN first! Please friends watch your favorite team here!

The Advantages of the TotalSportek Site

  • Users can access it for free
  • No need to subscribe
  • Featuring various football leagues
  • There are matches from other sports
  • Simple look

Disadvantages of the TotalSportek site

  • Not safe
  • Requires additional VPN
  • There ispop upannoying ads

Joker Live Stream

Joker Live Stream

Site recommendation2The next ball is the Joker Live Stream. Maybe for free friends, European football lovers, this site is not so foreign.

Because the popularity of this streaming site is not without reason. Apart from being free, football team matches from various leagues are also complete. You can even watch the Champions League on this site. Despite having a unique name, this site is often a mainstay.

If you want to watch matches from other sports, this site also provides manystreaming link streamingsportlivewhich is free. You can find football matches, hockey, basketball, baseball, football, to the unusual, motorcycle racing matches.

It’s a shame if you miss the excitement and tension of the two competing teams. Please, friends, access Joker Live Stream via the link

Advantages of the Joker Live Stream Site

  • Users do not need to subscribe
  • Broadcast various sports
  • Football Matches from various Leagues
  • Simple view

Disadvantages of Joker Live Stream Site

  • Less safe
  • Requires VPN (if not accessible by browser)
  • Lots of annoying ads


 Free Football Live Streaming Site

Site2The next ball that you can access is Rojadirecta.

Well, sitestreamingballRojadirecta( is already very popular. Maybe the name of this site is quite difficult to pronounce, because this site is in Spanish.

Even so, this site offers the most complete football matches that you can watch, such as the LaLiga League, Bundesliga, Serie A, to the English League, and the Champions League, you know! Tired of football matches? Don’t worry, here there are matches from other sports, you can even watch WWE matches.

Interesting right? this site can be nobartv with friends and relatives.

In addition, on this site you canchoose showbased on resolution quality. For example, if your internet has a stable connection, then you can choose an HD resolution.

In our opinion, this site is a must visit. Because besides being free, you also don’t need a VPN to access it. Please try it!

Advantages of Rojadirecta Site

  • Free
  • There are other sports competitions
  • There’s a WWE match
  • No VPN required

Disadvantages of Rojadirecta Site

  • Illegal
  • Very simple display
  • Less safe
  • Speak Spanish

Live SoccerTV

One alternative sitestreamingAnother ball is called Live Soccer TV. Well, this site is the most complete place to watch football online, both from teams and between countries.

Well, the Live Soccer TV website ( doesn’t just showstreamingFootball matches, friends can also listen to important information related to sports, including others.

Starting fromchannelThe TV that will broadcast the match, until the latest collection of news about football can be found here. But if you can’t get into this site, then you can use a VPN. However, based on direct observation, when we tried it without using a VPN, we were still able to enter this Live Soccer TV site. but just in case, just prepare a VPN.

Well, apart from the browser, you can also access Live Soccer TV through the application on (Andoid Play Store) and iPhone (Apps Store). Just download the application and enjoy the most complete match!

Advantages of Live Soccer Tv

  • Complete match
  • Can be accessed without VPN and with VPN
  • Simple view
  • Informative
  • Can be accessed through the application

Disadvantages of Live Soccer TV

  • Sometimes need a VPN
  • Using English

Mola TV

Free Football Live Streaming Site

For those of you who want to watch big teams in the Premiere League and Bundes Liga, then this site is the answer. Indeed, Premiere League and BundesLiga matches are often shown on television. But mostly only big teams, like Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, or Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, and Bayern Munich. Well, on this site all team matches are broadcast you know!

What is unique about this site is that there is a notification every time a match is about to start. That way, you won’t miss watching it. In addition, there is also a schedule for each team that will compete.

But different from the site2free ball before, Mola TV is a sitestreamingofficial with broadcasting rights. Therefore, my friend does not need to doubt its security. In addition, there are no annoying ads.

We even say that the Mola TV subscription package is quite cheap and affordable. For more details, my friend can see the subscription price!

Mola TV Package Price

Mola TV Package Price Details
Entertainment IDR 50,000/month All content other than sports, Full HD, 2 devices.
Entertainment + Sport (Single Stream) IDR 60,000/month All content including sports, Full HD, 1 device.
Entertainment + Sport (Double Stream) IDR 90.000/month All content including sports, up to 4K, 2 devices.
Entertainment + Sport (Family Stream) Rp 1,198,800 Content: Mola Movies, Mola Living, Mola Kids, Mola Sports

UpdatesMola TV service package price2021

Note: This price is the price of a monthly Mola TV subscription. In addition to monthly, Mola TV also provides a choice of subscription duration per 3 months (12%), per 6 months (15% discount), and also per year (20% discount).

Buddy interested in accessing it? Please download the application via the Google Play Store or the Apps Store.

Advantages of Mola TV Site

  • Guaranteed safety
  • Legal
  • No annoying ads
  • Complete match schedule
  • There are match notifications
  • Provides streaming of other sports matches
  • Attractive view

Disadvantages of Mola TV

  • User must subscribe
  • Each package has a different subscription price

FOX Sports Play

Free Football Live Streaming Site

Well, the next recommendation is a legal and safe soccer live streaming site that you can access. On this site, you can easily enjoy live broadcasts. Even better, you can even save football match broadcasts for later viewing. Like the features on Youtube.

On this site, there is a free version without a subscription, and a premium version with all the features that are complete and unlock allstreamingmatch. If you are tired of watching football, calm down, on FOX you can also watch other sports broadcasts.

Advantages of Fox Sports Play

  • Legal
  • Safe
  • Complete match
  • Can be accessed via browser and application
  • Attractive view

Fox’s WeaknessesSports Play

  • To enjoy all the features, usersmust subscribe
  • The subscription fee is not cheap enough


Free Football Live Streaming Site

Another free online soccer watching site is ESPN. Although here is not completely free, this site broadcasts various football matches in European countries such as La Liga, BundesLiga, Serie A, and Premiere League.

ESPN itself is very well known, not only abroad, but also in Indonesia. To be able to watch football matches and other sports on this ESPN live streaming site, you can access it through a browser or application. Although paid, some you can access for free, only require a stable internet connection.

Advantages of ESPN

  • Legal
  • Complete match
  • There are several languages ​​to choose from
  • Has a very attractive appearance
  • Very popular
  • Safe

Disadvantages of ESPN

  • To be able to unlock all features, users need to subscribe


Free Football Live Streaming Site

Last recommendation from the Sitelive streamingfree ball isUseeTV GO.Whereplatformthis one is the mobile version of the pay television serviceUsee TVdriven by IndiHome.

A little information, on this platform there are 3 excellent services provided by UseeTV GO. Among them are Watching Live TV, Playing Back 7 Days, and Connecting with Indihome. True to the sloganPrimetime Anytime Anywhere, then this one online TV application presents various shows that you can watch directly. Including football match

Please, friends, access tostreaming on line, watching movieson line, watchKorean drama, to watching live streaming football from home and abroad.UseeTV GOYou can download this from the Play Store for Android, and the App Store for iPhone. Of course it’s free to download.

Advantages of UseeTV GO

  • Legal
  • Safe
  • Complete
  • Like TV, showing various shows
  • Can be accessed in the application

Disadvantages of UseeTV GO

  • To be able to unlock all featuresstreaming, the user must subscribe

If you are also happy with basketball, we have previously discussed the list of sitesWatch NBA Streaming Freewhat you must know!

The final word

That’s a review of the site232021 updatethat we can convey and recommend to friends. How? Now you don’t have to worry about missing a match from your favorite soccer team, right? Please share this article to all!.