Easy Ways To Convert Pdf Files To Word Online

For certain purposes, such as doing assignments sometimes we need references from various sources and find them in the form of PDF files, this sometimes makes us have to change documents in pdf format to docx.

This is because documents in Microsoft Word are easier to edit.

In addition, another reason for converting pdf to word is that documents in pdf format cannot be copied and pasted neatly in word documents, and the writing format is really very messy.

Therefore, it is very necessary for us to first convert the pdf file into a word document so that it can be copied with better results with a more organized writing format and easy to repair.

Not only that, Microsoft Word is considered to have many advantages besides being easy to use. Using Microsoft Word does not require an internet connection at all in terms of editing.

How to convert pdf to word is very easy, many can be done in various ways, either using additional applications or without additional applications that must be installed on the computer.

But the quickest and easiest way is to use tools or sites to convert pdf to word on the internet. One that you can use is the PDF Convert site.


What is PDF to Words?

PDF to Words is a site that has a feature as a pdf to word file converter or into other desired file formats, one of the most widely used is the pdf to word conversion of word document files.

Not only that, you can convert PDF to word with compressed conditions so that it becomes lighter.

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In addition, this tool can also be used to convert pdf files into Excel or powerpoint.

How to Convert PDF to Word with PDF Convert Tool

How to convert pdf to word using PDF Convert tool? There are three methods or ways that you can do, namely:

First step

  • First, open the PDF to Word menu first
  • Then select select documents or select documents to upload the pdf document that you want to convert into a word document.
  • Choose another file if you want to add another document to convert
  • Click download to save it to the device.
  • Wait until the process is complete and the new document in doc format is directly saved on your device.

The Second Way

  • First open the iLove PDF to Word menu
  • Then click select document to upload the pdf file you want to convert.
  • If you want to convert another pdf file, just click select another file.
  • To save to the device, click download and then wait for the process to complete.

Third Way

  • The first step, open the Small PDF to Word menu
  • Next step, tap select document to take the pdf to be converted into word.
  • Wait until the upload process is complete.
  • Please select another file if you want to convert more than one pdf file.
  • Finally click download so that it is saved to your device.

How is it not difficult right? That’s how to convert a pdf to word without having to install an application or software first. Good luck and hopefully this tool can help your work.

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What are the Advantages of PDF to Words?

PDF Convert online tools have many advantages that you can always use to help with daily work, both office and school assignments, quickly and easily.

For free

This one tool is 100% free for you to use. It’s completely free and you don’t have to pay a penny to use it.
It’s also not a trial, either 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days like its competitors, meaning you can use this pdf to word tool for free as long as the website is still active without limits.

Can be used on many devices

This tool can be used on various devices. Be it android, iPhone, laptop, or computer. Compatible with all operating systems, be it Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows.
So, whatever device you have, you can use it because it’s online. As long as you are connected to the internet and have a web browser on your device, you can convert at any time.

Easy to use

The next advantage of this one tool is that it is very easy to use because it only takes a few drag and drop steps. Your pdf file will be converted in just a few seconds, and your pdf file has been converted to word so quickly and is ready for you to download.
And what’s interesting and different from other conversion sites is that this site doesn’t have annoying ads, so you won’t feel uncomfortable when using this site and aren’t afraid to click wrong when uploading or downloading your files.

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Without Having to Install Software/Applications

The next advantage is using the PDF Convert tool, you don’t need to install software or applications first. You can use it directly through the website.
However, you must be connected directly to a smooth and stable internet connection.

Encrypted Security

After you do the conversion, the file will be safely stored here because it is encrypted by SSL. Files will always be yours and are difficult for others to steal.

No need to register or login

You don’t need to register first or log in using a google account or other social media accounts like other tools. Just open the site, you can immediately use it. That way, the process becomes much faster.

Can Convert Many Files at Once

Not just one file, through this tool you can convert many files at once. And for sure without a time limit you can do it anytime as long as this site is still active. So you can convert two files, three files, four files, without any limitations.
And that’s a complete review and guide on how to use the PDF Converter tool that you can use to facilitate your work and tasks related to pdf and word file documents.

Hopefully this article is useful and good luck


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