Clean WordPress Database with Advanced Database Cleaner

Clean WordPress Database with Advanced Database Cleaner – Is your WordPress site extremely delayed to get to?

There are some normal things that are typically done to upgrade the exhibition of a WordPress site so it tends to be gotten to rapidly and at last increment your site’s positioning in web indexes. A portion of these are as per the following:

  • Use a quality facilitating administration
  • Use a store module like WP-Rocket
  • Use less Modules
  • Use CDN administration

On the off chance that you apply the 4 things above, you will have a WordPress site that is immediately gotten to and will be preferred by your guests.

However, in the event that in a couple of months or possibly a couple of years your WordPress site is running and your speed drops far more atrocious despite the fact that you have executed advancements and utilized the ideas above, then, at that point, it very well may be on the grounds that your database isn’t working ideally.

There are a few modules that you can use to enhance the exhibition of your WordPress database like WP-Advance and WP Clear. Notwithstanding, these two modules just work to streamline databases as a general rule, not at all like the module that I will survey in this article, specifically WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner.


What is Advanced Database Cleaner?

Advanced Database Cleaner is a helpful module to clean and upgrade your WordPress database with the goal that the database can work ideally, has a thin size and this module will clean up futile databases and tables.

As I said over that other database enhancement modules can just streamline databases as a general rule, yet the upside of Advanced database cleaner is that it can identify pointless databases and database tables and afterward erase them.

In running a WordPress site, you in all probability frequently attempt to utilize a few modules and afterward uninstall the module,

and when the module is uninstalled there are some modules that truly don’t erase the information overall and particularly the database.

Doing as such will make your database swelled and futile which will bring about sluggish execution of your WordPress site. What’s more, Advanced Database Cleaner can likewise clean databases containing updates, drafts, spam remarks, Vagrant choices, Vagrant tables and others and so forth

Advanced Database Cleaner Elements

You can utilize the WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner module free of charge and can be downloaded at

Be that as it may, the free form doesn’t permit you to fix tables and errands.

Assuming you need to get the full components of the Advanced Database Cleaner module, you can purchase Advanced Database Cleaner Master at an exceptionally modest cost of $29.90.

Furthermore, here is a correlation between a few WordPress database streamlining modules with Advanced Database Cleaner.

  1. : Advanced Database Cleaner (premium)
  2. : Advanced Database Cleaner (free)
  3. : WP clear
  4. : WP-Streamline
  5. : Streamline Database subsequent to Erasing Updates
  6. : WP Clean Up

This is the place where the distinctions in the provisions presented from the free and premium variants of Advanced Database Cleaner:

Free Version

  • Delete old modifications of posts and pages, Erase old auto drafts
  • Delete waste posts, Erase forthcoming remarks, Erase spam remarks, Erase garbage remarks
  • Delete pingbacks, Erase trackbacks
  • Delete vagrant post metadata, Erase vagrant remark metadata, Erase vagrant client metadata, Erase vagrant term metadata, Erase vagrant connections, Erase lapsed homeless people
  • View and view vagrant data prior to performing database cleanup
  • Search and channel all things by name or worth
  • Schedule database cleanup to run consequently
  • Displays database table data like number of columns, table size, and so forth
  • Optimize database tables (This module will advise you if any tables need advancement)
  • Repair debased database tables, clean and erase database tables
  • Show choices rundown and clear and erase choices
  • Show cron task rundown, clean and erase errands on a booked premise

Pro Version

  • Classification of choices dependent on their “maker”. They can be: module choices, topic choices or WP center choices.
  • Detect and eliminate Vagrant choices. Your ‘wp_options’ table might be brimming with Vagrant choices and hence may influence the stacking execution of information from it, which might make the site delayed down. Clearing vagrant choices is significant.
  • Classification of database tables dependent on their “maker”. They can be: module table, subject table or WP center table.
  • Detect and erase Vagrant tables. With respect to choices, you may likewise have some vagrant tables made by modules/topics that you don’t utilize any longer. Cleaning the vagrant table will decrease the size of your database.
  • Classify all cron errands as per their “maker”. They can be: module cron errands, subject cron assignments or WP center undertakings.
  • Detect and eliminate Vagrant cron errands. After you eliminate the module/subject, a portion of its cron assignments might in any case be dynamic settling on WordPress decision obscure capacities. utilizing master form, you can distinguish and clean vagrant assignments
  • Search and channel choices, channel table, and channel cron undertakings dependent on numerous rules like “name”, “maker”, “esteem”, and so forth
  • Get premium help: The group behind the Advanced Database Cleaner module will offer fast help and specialized responses to assist you with cleaning your database productively

How to Use the Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin

Here I will share total advances you can take to clean and streamline database by erasing Vagrant tables and errands and cleaning WordPress database and work on generally execution of my WordPress blog!

Significant: Before you begin utilizing this module, you should back up your WordPress database. You can utilize the WP-DB Reinforcement module to finish the database reinforcement or search for another module.

By making a reinforcement, then, at that point, it tends to be reused if something turns out badly and harm causes your WordPress site to come up short.

In this way, since you’ve supported your WordPress database, we should begin utilizing the WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner module.

You can get the professional rendition of the Advanced Database Cleaner module here.

You can likewise utilize the free form by following this aide, yet just for essential advancement. Notwithstanding, the profound streamlining highlights just accompany the top notch adaptation.

Also, here I will make an extraordinary instructional exercise for the Genius rendition.

Presently kindly introduce the module and actuate it. You will see another menu thing included the left sidebar with the name ” WP DB Cleaner “.

Snap the menu and snap on the ” License ” tab menu . Enter the permit key and snap the ” Activate license ” button .

General Clean-Up

Snap on the ” General Clean-Up ” tab and tick what you want to dispose of. I propose following the picture underneath.

Significant: Ensure you uncheck “Drafts” and “Pending comments”. Since it’s a post that you actually keep as a draft and a remark that you haven’t supported at this point.

Starting from the drop menu, select “Clean” and snap “Apply”.

At the point when the spring up shows up, click “Proceed” and in couple of moments, this incredible database streamlining agent module will clean your database.


Go to the “Tables” tab to begin the most common way of observing vagrant tables.

Snap “Scan tables” and the sweep interaction will take some time contingent upon the size of your database.

After the output tables are done, you will start to see the Vagrant Table showed, and select Orphans at the top to channel for just vagrant tables.

Most table names depend on modules you’ve utilized previously, so it will be simple for you to choose whether to erase the table. In the event that you don’t know, simply erase the one you make certain about.

After that if it’s not too much trouble, check what you need and Delete, at that point, click Apply .

Whenever you’re finished cleaning up the Vagrant Tables, it’s an ideal opportunity to continue on to vagrant choices.


Snap on the “Options” tab and snap on “Scan options”.

If you check the database of old online journals, you might observe many vagrants choices showed.

For instance, my blog contains around 326 vagrants choices.

That many tables were made by a module I utilized in earlier years and presently I don’t utilize any longer.

From that point forward, I actually take a look by any stretch of the imagination and select “Delete” and “Apply”.

Cron Jobs

Once done, click on the “Cron jobs” tab .

If it’s not too much trouble, click Scan Tasks and select Orphans at the top. Select “Delete” and “Apply”.

Furthermore, that is all you really want to do with the WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner module. In the wake of doing this, your database will be totally

cleaned and you ought to have the option to see the distinction in the exhibition of your WordPress blog.

Cleaning your WordPress blog database is a significant piece of streamlining your WordPress website to further develop WordPress execution so it’s quicker.

This is one of those exercises that WordPress clients infrequently do and you ought to do this to get your WordPress site fully operational rapidly. Ideally this article is valuable and best of luck.

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